Navajo Nation Safe Drinking Water Act (NNSDWA)

The Navajo Nation Safe Drinking Water Act (NNSDWA), was initially adopted by
the Navajo nation Council in 1995. The NNSDWA has been revisited to include
the Underground Injection Control's provisions for protecting underground
sources of drinking water from activities conducted by the oil and gas industries.

In 2001, the NNSDWA was revised again to incorporate the revised public water
systems definition, provisions for the operator certification requirements, the
consumer confidence report requirements, amendments
to the variances and exemptions of the NNSDWA and
amendments to the judical sections.

Navajo Nation Primary Drinking Water Regulations (NNPDWR)

The Navajo Nation Primary Drinking Water Regulations (NNPDWR) was formally adopted by the Resources Committee of the Navajo
Nation Council, Navajo EPA's legislative oversight.

100 —
200 — Maximum Contaminant Level
300 — Sanitary Surveys*
400 —
Sampling and Analytical Requirement*
500 —
Reporting and Recordkeeping
600 — Public Notification
700 — Lead and Copper*
800 —
Surface Water Treatment
900 — Use of Non-Centralized Treatment Devices
1000 — Treatment Techniques
1100 — Disinfectant, Disinfection By-Products
1200 — Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)*
1300 —
Enhanced Surface Water*
Operation Certification (OpCert)*
1500 —
Minimum Design Regulations
1600 — Construction Permit
1700 — Wellhead Protection Regulations
1800 — Secondary Drinking Water Standards
1900 — Consecutive Public Water Systems
2000 — Cross-Connection and Backflow Prevention
2100 — Enhanced Filtration and Disinfection (LT1)*
2200 —
Initial Disinfection System Evaluation (IDSE)
2300 — Stage 2 Disinfection By Products
2400 — Enhanced Treatment with Cryposporidium (LT2)
2500 — Groundwater Regulation*
2600 —
Aquifer Protection Program **NEW**

Appendices A — Sampling and Analytical Methodology
Appendices B — Public Notification of Drinking Water Violations*
Appendices C — Sampling and Analytical for Lead and Copper
Appendices D — Surface Water Treatment*
Appendices E — Disinfectant Residual, Disinfection ByProducts and Disinfection ByProducts Precursors*
Appendices F — Consumer Confidence Report
Appendices G — Enhanced Treatment for Cryptosporidium*
Appendices H — Groundwater Analytical Method*
Appendices I — List of USDWs on the Navajo Nation **NEW**

Resolutions — Resolution of the Resources and Development Committee
Resolution RDCJN-56-17 — Resolution of Aquifer Protection Regulations **NEW**

*Denotes Revised 05-26-2015
Act and Regulations