Circuit Rider
Navajo Nation Environmental Protection Agency • Public Water Systems Supervision Program
Circuit Rider Program

Several Navajo Nation Chapters are in need of
access to safe drinking. The Navajo Nation
Environmental Protection Agency’s Public Water
Systems Supervision Program (PWSSP)
understands that many Navajo families use
unregulated water sources for drinking water and
general domestic use. The unregulated water
sources include livestock wells and spring
sources. These sources are not sampled on a
regular basis so the water quality is unknown.
Livestock wells were installed for livestock use
only. Many of the unregulated water sources were
found to have elevated levels of heavy metals,
total coliform (bacteria), and e. Coli (bacteria
found in feces). These contaminants pose a
public health threat.

The Navajo EPA’s PWSSP recommends that
chapters draft a resolution requesting for a
regulated watering point in their communties. The
resolution should identify potential locations of
the watering point. Furthermore, it is assumed
that the Navajo Tribal Utility Authority will operate
and maintain these watering points. The
resolution should be written by and be approved
by the chapter.

PWSSP is available for technical assistance. If
you have any questions, please contact the
PWSSP at 928-871-7755.
Photo courtesy of "Utah Rainbow